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Oct 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
, steven engler, global head of a g-10 fx strategy at citi. thanks for joining us again. want to come to some of your u.s. dollar calls. you've been making the point that on the economic data in the u.s. dollar moves have been consistently moving hand in hand of late in the past they used to move in the opposition direction. so do you put this down to the qe-3 factor? >> in part, although it's been in place even when qe-3, or when quantitative easing hasn't been a major driver, a major force in the market. you have to realize that when you take a look at correlations over long periods of time, the dollar is kind of the currency of despair. you buy it when the economy is weak and you pretty much sell everything else. i think qe-3 is kind of making it easy for the euro and the europeans to look good right now because much of the world is terrified about the balance sheet expansion that they expect to occur and the flood of liquidity. so i think that there's a bias in the market. you know, to sell dollars broadly. in that circumstance, you look at reserve managers, you look at investors,
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
represented as well in the foot city global 300. up for the highs for the session up 15 points. ftse up around 3% for the quarter. today it is up if you take a look at it up a percent at the moment. ibex currently up 1.3%. bond yields coming down today. so in terms of spain and italy, which is the ones we're focused on, below 6% for spanish 1e7b year, yields lower in italy, as well.year, yields lower in italy, as well. occurrence ci euro dollar has bounced up during the session. dollar-yen 78. aussie dollar was dragged lower by those china pmis. again, just bounced off those lows. sterling slightly weaker on the back of the uk manufacturing pmi numbers that we also have out this morning. so that's where we are in the european session. let's recap the nation trading day. all the details out of sync pore. >> asian markets under pressure today, but volume was light because of the respective holidays. there are ongoing concerns in spain, aussie dollar rebounded a little, but under pressure ahead of tomorrow's rba reading. benchmark ended just a touch higher helped by banks. steel maker reje
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am EDT
city started. >>> very good morning to you state side especially as we start the new trading week here. columbus day holiday. government closed in the states. the dow trading some 39 points below fair value. not a bad week, up 1.25%. a little more for the dow last week. nasdaq last week was up 0.6%. currently it's indicate $11 1/2 points below fair value. and s&p 500 is some 4.8 below value. so indicated for a negative start this morning. pretty good gains for european stocks. better than u.s. stocks last week. but the ftse global 300 this morning down. two-thirds. xetra dax today down 1.2%. ibex down a percent. spanish yields still contained. 5.68% is where we stand right now in spanish yields. so continue to fall further below the 6% mark. italian yields just over the 5% mark, as well. and currency markets, euro-dollar a little bet of weakness, back below 1.30, levels we were trading before the employment report last friday. aussie dollar down to below 1.02. what about in asia? >> asian markets kicked off in the red. shanghai composite finished lower after the week long holiday.
Oct 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
strategy at citi. thanks for coming along. so what are you expecting from the ecb, when will they move next? >> i think today will be a monday event. the market is not pricing any in move. if there's going to be a change in policy, it will happen probably towards the end of the year and then most likely forecast also another change in the first quarter much next year. so it's all about expectations for the future. >> how do you trade around those expectations? >> the way to trade around it is to carry. the ecb has carry rich. you have on libor a quite steep structure. and so what we expect our baseline scenario to profit from long positions there. >> let's put this into the context of what's going on. we have the central banks and developed markets, the bank of englands as well today, most people agree that we won't get anything from the bank of england until november, december. any thoughts there? >> i think with regards to the fmoc minutes, what we'll get is most likely some sort of sense for unhappiness with regards to the measures that have been taken, the effectiveness of tho
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4